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Step by step instructions to download tunes from YouTube Music to your Pixel Watch

One of the advantages new Pixel Watch proprietors get is a free three-month preliminary for YouTube Music Premium. As a YouTube Music supporter, whether you have a Wifi/Bluetooth or a LTE model, you can pre-download music to your watch so you can play it disconnected whenever, for example, while getting things done or working out. This is the way you can make it happen:

In the first place, you really want to ensure that you have the YouTube Music application introduced on your telephone and send off the Google Pixel Watch application to guarantee that you are endorsed in to the Google account you have related with YouTube Music. On your watch, press the crown and swipe through the rundown of applications until you arrive at YouTube Music, then select it. Swipe up and choose Settings, trailed by Downloads, on the accompanying screen.

Then, pick how much music that you need to have consequently refreshed and downloaded consistently. The choices range from 50 tunes to 500 melodies, and the melodies downloaded depend on your listening history. You might work on your suggestions by review, stopping, or erasing melodies, and you could pick the music that is downloaded.

Of course, your rundown of downloaded melodies will naturally refresh consistently in the event that your battery has a charge of over 40% and you are associated with Wi-Fi. In the event that you have the LTE variant of the watch and have a versatile arrangement enacted on it, you can likewise change your download settings to download tunes over information too. You should reconnect to the web once like clockwork to keep the music that you have downloaded.

I simply need the means!

On your telephone, open Google Pixel Watch .

Sign in to your YouTube Music account.

On your Google Pixel Watch, tap the crown.

Swipe up and tap YouTube Music.

Swipe up and tap Settings and afterward Downloads.

Select the quantity of melodies that you might want to consistently refresh and download.

Reconnect to the Web at regular intervals to keep up with the music that you download.

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