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Statins and pain of muscles– a wrong relationship for most people

       Sienna Miller was often thought not good for her friend Noami Watts:”Headshots of each other were sent to us for signature,” said Miller. And it is said of Samuel L. Jackson that they are continuously mistaken for Laurence Fishburne. If it is said for an autograph to him,“I signed on that thing on which they want to take a signature from me and they think that I am”, he said. 

Although fans do not get hurt from these mistakes, these are the times when it is necessary that it is known to man and woman present on the road–especially about the side effects of medicines. 

If you think that any physical symptoms such as muscle pain is the result of taking statics, then you can forbid it. Give up its life saving powers. But, it is said in a new research in The Lancet that almost 90% of statin intakers patients who complain muscles pain, in fact staten is not its cause. Despite this, this may be the cause of trouble, swelling, obesity, more or less exercise, or any undiagnosed problem. 

The researchers discovered that 1.1% moderate diet of state intakers experience muscle pain and weakness. Upon this fact, it can be focused from many static intakers who are facing unknown troubles. 

My suggestion: If you have muscle pain and you are on statics, then take Coenzyme Q10 200 mg daily and consult with your doctor. Discover other possible reasons. If pain continues, then try other statics. If you don’t want to  abandon it unnecessarily– decrease LDL cholesterol level, decrease the danger of death related to cardio, and may face infection like Pneumonia and decrease the severity of COVID-19. Health pioneer Michael Roizen, M.D, chief wellness officer of Cleviland clinic and author of 4 number 1 best sellers of New York times. His next book “The Great Age Reboot: Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger Tomorrow”.

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